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Here you can find all the relevant questions about the platform

What is

ChartEx.Pro is a premier candlestick charting platform for decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, Avalanche, Matic, SushiSwap, and Binance Smart Chain markets. Offering a sleek and familiar user interface alongside a robust set of features, ChartEx aims to be the gold standard in technical analysis for decentralized markets.

Where did ChartEx get its name?

That's a good question - originally, ChartEx was built to provide charts on unsupported exchanges. For example, those not on TradingView. So really ChartEx should be called ChartUnEx, but that didn't sound right. :)

What does ChartEx offer its users?

ChartEx offers a robust set of data and tools for a comprehensive technical analysis experience, available to users in exchange for meeting holding requirements.

I’m a CHART token holder, but how do I use its features?

Please refer to the “How to” section of the F.A.Q.

Does ChartEx have a Roadmap?

Since the world of DeFi is so volatile and the landscape changes rapidly, the ChartEx team has abandoned the concept of a traditional roadmap to focus the efforts on product delivery and incorporating user feedback. Since the product is officially launched and out of beta, the team will instead work with a more flexible live roadmap.
To view the most actively requested features and status, please visit

Where does ChartEx get its data?

ChartEx maintains its own Avax node and runs dedicated nodes for Polygon, BSC and Ethereum as provided by Chainstack.

Does ChartEx function in real-time?

ChartEx provides trade data as close to real-time as possible. There is a 13 second average block time for trades to be processed and recognized on Uniswap. We will often see transactions included in a candle when Etherscan still displays it as “pending.” This is because we have the block confirmation in our node faster than they have it in theirs. With that said, ChartEx will never deliberately delay information. At this time, latency for all markets is below 15 seconds.

Does ChartEx have alert functions like price alerts?

ChartEx offers users alerts via Telegram Bots, which you can access by being a ChartEx token holder. Read more in Token section.

What DEXes (Decentralized Exchanges) are available for tracking & charting on ChartEx?

Uniswap, Avalanche, and Matic (polygon) markets are freely accessible to all users.
Binance Smart Chain markets, Sushiswap, and Shibaswap are available to users with at least 100,000 CHART tokens in their connected wallet.
(Please note that a holding minimum of 100,000 CHART tokens is required to access the beta platform). Support for other DEXes will be subject to their own mainnet launches and community demand. To make a request, please visit

Can I search for pairs like DAI & USDT on

Users with free access are only able to search wETH, wAVAX, and wMATIC pairs as well as their their calculated USD price.
Basic and Expert users can additionally access additional pairs such as wBNB, wBUSD, SUSHI, SHIB DAI, USDT, & USDC pairs.

Why do I have to sign on MetaMask?

With Metamask you are simply sending us a signature that you do indeed own the corresponding wallet. During the sign-in process, we check your CHART balance to provide you with the right tier after logging in. Using this procedure we do not need to hold any sensitive user data such as your e-mail address and passwords.

Does ChartEx provide API access?

Public and Private API availability are in the pipeline. Details TBD.
Make sure to keep your eye at our Medium, Twitter or Telegram announcements.

Is there a ChartEx mobile app?

A mobile app is in development, but not on an official roadmap. No ETA at the moment, make sure to keep your eye at our Medium, Twitter or Telegram announcements.
At this time there is no official mobile support.

Where can one follow project development and updates? |

Please be sure to check ChartEx announcements on our Twitter handle @ChartExPro and on Telegram Announcements.

How many people are on the ChartEx team?

The ChartEx team currently includes one lead developer (founder), one core developer, four freelance developers, a community manager and several community moderators.

Why is the team anonymous?

We’ve made a conscious decision to remain private and to protect the identities of our developers, but with names like @CryptoShark and @ApeDev on Twitter, the team has well-regarded reputations to uphold.

How many unique users do you have accessing Chartex monthly?

As our user base continues to grow, this answer changes continuously. Please check in with the team on the official ChartEx Telegram or Discord server for the most accurate answer.

Any plans for custom scripts being added to charts?

This is unfortunately not possible with the current TradingView library licensed for external users.

Why does ChartEx not show information about a coin such as market cap, supply?

That data relies on projects disclosing their supply figures, team wallets, vested tokens, etc.
Since we don't, and in most cases can't accurately know what these are, we can't show them and calculate the required numbers.
Many projects are not completely transparent about these or don't keep them updated. Additionally, everyone uses different calculation methods which further complicates the matter.
Where pairs on an ETH based AMM are listed on CoinGecko, we'll display the available info from CoinGecko at the bottom of the feature panel to the right, however gathering this info ourselves would be just too much work which would distract the team from developing the product itself.

What is causing a wick on some of the charts?

You can always review the trades via “show trades” - you’ll see one of two things, someone who has cranked up the gas and bypassed the uniswap router to mess with the charts to place a trade “out of range” OR you’ll find a complex arb generally using a flash loan that temporarily destabilized the price because of the volume or how the trade is routed.
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