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ChartEx is a leading provider of full Candlestick charting for markets on Uniswap, the largest Decentralized Exchange running on the Ethereum Network.


ChartEx fills a gap in the market for tools and analytics that support traders on decentralized markets.

As a pioneer in the space, ChartEx has branded itself as a powerhouse for novice and adept users alike, providing the resources to take their trading game to the next level. The platform already serves over 25,500 unique users daily, responding to over 29 million data requests (Cloudflare Metrics 17.09.2020) across its platform with steady growth on the horizon thanks to the huge demand of ChartEx’s toolset.


ChartEx is currently integrated with Uniswap, with plans to support other DEX’s such as Polkaswap and Mooniswap in the near future.


ChartEx will allow secure connection to your wallet of choice to enable trustless user accounts without any personal information.


Get an edge with real-time trade information, Whale Tracking and Wallet Watching alert capabilities and information dashboards.


ChartEx bots are integrated with Twitter, Discord and Telegram with more features in development.

TA Tools

A full complement of TA trading indicators are available thanks to the integrated Charting Library.

API Access

A set of public and private APIs will allow developers access to more data than ever before.

Core ChartEx Features

Full OHLCV candlestick support for Uniswap V2 markets alongside a selection of Centralised Exchanges (CEXs) via the Chart Bot. ChartEx allows for end-users to use a familiar interface to interact with charts, customise them, annotate with indicators and drawing tools. Unique trendline analysis and support resistance level calculations are also available via our bots and will be coming soon to the main website.


Interactive Bots

A market screening bot allows for users to quickly filter trading pairs by the output of a number of popular trading indicators such as being oversold, near trendlines or support, crossing MAs or prices breaking through Bollinger Bands, this list is being continually expanded upon – this currently supports Binance but is being ported across to support Uniswap and other DEXs too.




Growing each day


Daily users


Charts Served Daily


Daily requests of data

The $CHART token

CHART is a utility token which allows enhanced access to ChartEx services as a means of payment as well as participating actively in governance decisions. ChartEx will use Metamask and other Ethereum-compatible Web3 clients as the means of authenticating users on its platform that have the capability of signing a message on behalf of the underlying wallet. The login ensures the absolute privacy of its users who don’t need to provide usernames, passwords nor any personal details and allows ChartEx to seamlessly validate user subscription status and therefore govern access to features.  

CHART will list on Uniswap on Friday, September 18th as a WETH pair with an initial price set at the prevailing ETH rate to equal $0.02

Happy New Year!
Our plans for 2021 will be released soon


In order to realise our vision to grow ChartEx into the leading platform for DEX charting and market intelligence, and to expand the product offering to encompass new and novel ways of interrogating the underlying blockchain data, ChartEx raised $1m across a seed round and private sales.

Token Sale (Now Closed)

Seed Round

A seed round is being offered to those instrumental in bringing ChartEx to market or offer significant strategic value to ChartEx and its future. It is being offered at a price of $0.008 per token with $104,000 anticipated to be raised.


These tokens are to be released at the following intervals:

On the day of or before Uniswap Listing: 25%
On the One Month anniversary of Uniswap Listing: 25%
On the Two Month anniversary of Uniswap Listing: 25%
On the Three Month anniversary of Uniswap Listing: 25%


Private Sale

Three rounds of private sale will be offered
Round 1 – $0.014/CHART $252,000
Round 2 – $0.016/CHART $489,600
Round 3 – $0.0165/CHART $188,100


These tokens are to be released at the following intervals:

On the day of or before Uniswap Listing: 50%
On the One Month anniversary of Uniswap Listing: 30%
On the Two Month anniversary of Uniswap Listing: 20%